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Recess Before Lunch- Makes Sense To Me

February 2nd, 2010 · 4 Comments

This article caught the eye of several parents who emailed me to see if we might consider this adjustment to our schedule.  I actually scheduled lunch after recess at my previous school, and it worked fine.  We are hoping to make this change for next year.  After all, who wants to eat a sloppy joe and  then run around for 20 minutes?

From the NY Times. . .

Can something as simple as the timing of recess make a difference in a child’s health and behavior?

Some experts think it can, and now some schools are rescheduling recess — sending students out to play before they sit down for lunch. The switch appears to have led to some surprising changes in both cafeteria and classroom.

Schools that have tried it report that when children play before lunch, there is less food waste and higher consumption of milk, fruit and vegetables. And some teachers say there are fewer behavior problems.

via Well – Seeing Benefits in Moving Recess Ahead of Lunch at School –

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