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December 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

A big CONGRATS to a current group of third graders for being  selected as an Elementary School Finalist in the 2011-12 Siemens We Change the World Challenge, sponsored by Siemens and the National Science Teachers Association.  The current grade three students did their work last year at Davis.  They worked closely with Mrs Dorer and Richard Jones (Director of Bedford Facilities) to help conserve energy at the Davis School.

the poster located in our main hallway

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Students Take on the Future

March 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

From Mrs Dorer-

We need to congratulate Gus, Danny and Phineas for their entry to the annual ExploraVision Contest. Their contest entry – “The Vide-R Game System” has been awarded Honorable Mention. This is quite an honor as it places the project in the top 10% of all ExploraVision entries submitted to the competition.

Essentially, the contest asks students to take a technology that exists today and project 20 years into the future to what the new technology will look like. There are very specific guidelines of what students much include in their contest entry.

1). An explanation/description of the current technology
2). A History of the technology…how we got to where we are now.
3).  A description of the new technology.
4). Breakthroughs in scientific discovery that would be needed in order to get to the envisioned new product.
5). Consequences of the new technology
6). Three design features that were considered, but rejected. Students have to list these features and explain why each was rejected.
7). A bibliography
8).  Five simulated Web Pages (on paper)


At the end of January, three Lane School students – Gus, Phineas  and Danny – will submit an entry for ExploraVision – a nationwide contest. The point of this contest is to take a technology that exists today and then come up with an idea about what you think that technology will be like 20 years into the future. The team is thinking about brainwave sensing. Today it is possible to read (or even modify) people’s thoughts with MRI’s or implanted electrodes. The team’s idea is something we are calling the VideR System (pronounced “Vid-ee-R”). It will be a cross between a virtual reality video game and a helmet with brainwave-sensing electrodes. The helmet will have a visor with a screen on it that slides down. In the games themselves, there is both an “Action” mode (where you move your body in the games themselves and the character onscreen copies you) and a “Thinking” mode (where you can control the character by simply thinking about what you want it to do. That way, even paralyzed people could use it. Someday, this technology might actually exist! You never know!

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