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How Are We Doing? Results

February 28th, 2011 · No Comments

Each year I think it is important to survey our parents to find out “How We Are Doing?” at Lane.   All of the input from parents helps us to find ways to improve. Here a few highlights from the survey (the entire results can be found here):

Increase in parents stating their requests are handled well by office staff

Increase in parents stating that there is adequate supervision during arrival and dismissal times

Increase in parents stating there child feels secure on the bus (however- the number of 61% needs to be improved)

For me, the most important indicator is the final question,

“The overall performance of Lane School is. . . “

a. excellent

b. good

c. satisfactory

d. fair

e. poor

The results have been very similar for both years.  My goal is to reach 95% for combined “excellent” and “good.”

I am happy to report both years we have hit 95%.

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