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May 18, 2014 · No Comments

Last week I shared some of my challenges as a parent in getting my sons to read nightly before going to bed. I ended my email by asking Lane parents to share strategies, which have worked with their children. Seems only right that we should all try and learn from each other. Here is a sampling of some of the comments I received (the names have been removed):

I read to my son, 30 minutes every night, sometimes more. I work to find materials that interest him, keep him eager for the next chapter. Is my kid reading? I say yes. Homer couldn’t read or write, but he could recite hours of poetry, myths, and legends. He was more literate than most of us.

Feed your kid’s appetite for these things, put out tempting morsels for their minds and souls, let them see you tasting as well, and they will turn to the written word to get what they need to fill up on the world.

One (tip) is relentlessly looking for books that she “wants” to read, based on her interests, as it makes a world of difference…..

I think the best thing you can do is encourage other parents to form their own book clubs and see what happens. The incentive for the kids is a fun night out with their school friends, but to everyone’s surprise they all seem to “fall into” the magic of reading and discussing a good book.

We use a reward-type system where they get to “choose” what they read on the weekends if they read their assigned reading during the school week.  Sometimes they even get to go to Barnes N Noble & pick what they choose to read.  Also, taking them to different libraries is exciting to them.  Exposing them to different types of books/literature/authors can make reading more enticing.  Talking to them about what they are reading is huge—they get to tell you/teach you & it makes them feel important.  Drawing a picture after the fact gives them a chance to express themselves & what they “took from the book”, etc.  The best part of reading w/my kids is it gives them one-on-one Mommy time, or group snuggle time on the couch.

One of the things that my daughter gets excited about when to read is (and yes I am guilty of this) a trip to Barnes & Noble. That is my time to give her the choices of what to read and she has so much fun in that store.

Listen to books on tape in the car (to get them hooked), then give them the hard copy at home. Read aloud to each other at night (take turns). Graphic novels are a great way to get boys interested in reading.

My 2 kids are in their 20′s ….my husband and I read to them before bed through 6th grade. On long car rides to Cape Cod vacations – my husband drove…I read short stories and chapter  books in the car. They read on their own as well.

(My daughter) has always liked books, but I do feel like her enthusiasm for reading increased when she got her Nook last Christmas. Although it’s a “device” which she does use for games once in a while, she was really excited to learn that she could log into the library online and check out books instantly. Now when she tells me she’s “bored” I have her browse and before I know it, she’s knee-deep in an e-book.

We don’t allow TV on vacations and I read to kids every night while we’re on vacation.

To encourage my children to read I have made it a daily chore that has to be done. I have encouraged them to choose and buy books as often as they want to read. I also ask them to read to me something they enjoyed reading, and when I laugh along they feel encouraged to read more.

We read with/to him every night and I try to pick books that interest him. Having the kids chose their own books during Library helps in this process.

Be patient when it comes to encouraging a reluctant reader. Try lots of different types of books, not just ones you enjoyed as a kid, or their siblings enjoyed. You may even need to grit your teeth and let them read books you really would rather they didn’t (e.g. Captain Underpants). You just don’t know what will be the book that turns them on to reading.

I still have a policy of reading for 20 minutes every night before bed.   I, like you said to role model, read every night before I go to sleep.   That is my way of relaxing my mind.

As you know, reading is one of the most important things you can do for your child. I have been reading to my daughter  ( until now because she wants to read on her own) since she was 3 months old! It seemed silly at first but she loves to read and is a pretty good reader. Another thing I have always done was buy her books. If we went out somewhere and she wanted to buy something I would tell her to pick out a book. She loves to get new books! Snuggling with your child while reading a book is one of my most treasured memories.

One thing I’ve tried is to have them read during the day since I found with later bedtimes, we were skipping reading at night.

My recipe book holder (one of those contraptions that hold the book upright & open) has been co-opted for fostering reading.  From when reading started, when I put breakfast on the table, I would also put an open book in front of them.  It would be sitting right there in front of them and it wasn’t forced as “reading time”.  It was just a part of breakfast … it’s now become a daily habit.

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