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Meet Mrs Hebert (new Gr 3 teacher)

July 12, 2012 · No Comments

Mrs Hebert (pronounced Ay-Bear) is one of our new grade 3 teachers.  I caught up with Mrs Hebert so parents and students could learn a bit more about her.

Why did you want to become a teacher?
This is a funny question for me because I majored in Biology in college, and never thought I would become a teacher!  However, now that I know this is my calling I feel so lucky to be an educator.  I love teaching because it’s fun!  Every day is different, and I believe there is no job more important than preparing young people to live happy, productive, and fulfilling lives full of choices and opportunities.  I am endlessly intrigued by how children’s minds process and absorb new information.  I’m always tweaking my lessons to figure out how my instruction can best move my students to mastery of the skills.  Personally, I love to write, and I love to learn, so it’s natural to me to impart these joys to my students.  I love being a teacher because I get to push students to their highest academic potential as well as guide them towards becoming the best individuals they can be.
What excites you about coming to Bedford?
I am so excited to join the team at Lane School in Bedford!  I am looking forward to meeting my students and working with them on all the interesting curriculum planned for the third grade: reading engaging books; writing narrative and expository pieces; investigating plants, the solar system, and the water cycle; solving fun and tricky math problems; and learning all about the early inhabitants of Massachusetts including the Wampanoag and the colonists.  I’m especially eager to help my students work in the third grade garden!
What is your favorite memory from when you were a grade 3 student?
I grew up in an agricultural community in eastern Washington state, so for the spring music performance of course we had a hoedown!  I was picked to do a little dance with another student.  I’ll never forget: the other student’s name was Cody, and we figured out a simple square dance to perform.  I created a cow girl costume from some of my regular clothes in my closet.  On the day of the show we even had pieces of straw to put in our mouths as we swung each other ’round and ’round (as the song lyrics said to do)!
What is one thing parents and students may be surprised to know about you?
Parents and students might be surprised to find out that before moving to Massachusetts in 2007 I spent three years teaching 4th grade in the rural Mississippi Delta.  I lived in the town where B.B. King grew up, rented a house on a bayou full of water moccasins and mosquitoes, drove to work past gigantic fields of cotton, and even joined a bluegrass band!

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