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What if my child is a bully?

March 8, 2010 · 1 Comment

Although it is very hard to accept for a parent, there are students who make bad choices and bully others.  Below is an excerpt I found today from an article in the Richmond, VA newspaper.

Children who are bullies are often quick to blame others and cannot accept responsibility for their own actions. They do not show empathy or compassion for others and often are immature socially. Oddly enough, they are often bullied by someone else. Sometimes bullies come from families where there are older siblings who bully them or the parents have a bullying style for managing behavior, making the child feel it is him that is unacceptable instead of his behavior.

Children who bully others may not be aware that they are being a bully. They may be socially unaware or are mimicking behaviors they see adults around them do. So, the first step is to make them aware that their behavior will not be tolerated and find out where they learned how to be a bully

via What if my child is a bully?.

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  •   Val // Mar 15th 2010 at 10:45 pm

    My gut on this is that people bully because they are in a hopeless situation and need help. Everyone needs hope, and someone who understands them and supports their goals.

    But I haven’t read anything about this… could you recommend a book or a site?

    My husband and I were both bullied as kids. Maybe because we were shy nerds?


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